Company Secretary Service

A company secretary provided by corporate secretarial services in Singapore plays a key role in maintaining the constant flow of secretarial and administrative tasks of your company. S/he ensures that the day-to-day operations of your company run smoothly and are immediately reported to the executives for evaluation or rapid decision-making. The proper report is a great help for the executives of the company to foreseen future events and anticipates them in a professional, precise manner. The range of secretarial and administrative tasks is wide and requires keen eyes to detail and dedication, besides the credentials in secretarial. Our highly qualified company secretary will help your company through the following matters:

  • Common seal safekeeping

  • The Minutes and Register Books maintenance

  • Drafting on standard directors minutes and resolutions

  • Consultancy on secretarial, statutory, compliance, accounting, and tax matters

  • The constant monitor of the company’s compliance with relevant legal requirements, especially those under the Companies Act and Income Tax Act

  • Preparation of Annual General Meeting minutes

  • Submission of Annual Return and XBRL to ACRA

  • Other substantial secretarial and administrative tasks