Goods and Services Tax (GST)

GST refers to a consumption tax levied on nearly all goods and services in Singapore. Companies with over S$1-million taxable supplies of goods and services must register for GST and submit quarterly GST returns. Our tax professionals will guide you in completing the registration form and completing the GST course.

GST department has revised their GST application form recently in January 2013.

What is the changes?
– More information is required for complete the submission
– Compulsory to complete 2 GST course as follows

Besides, you may require to pay a security deposit for the amount of $20,000 and above in order to register your Company with GST under Section 81(3) of the Goods and Services Tax Act.


Dealing with the IRAS

  • Applying for GST registration or deregistration

  • Managing and responding to IRAS queries

  • Making voluntary disclosures of errors to the IRAS to mitigate penalty exposure

  • Managing IRAS audits and investigations


Compliance Support

  • Reviewing and e-filing GST returns

  • Conducting GST Compliance Review (GST Health check)

  • Conducting Assisted Self-Help Kit (ASK) review

  • Conducting in-house GST training customized to specific business transactions

  • Advising on GST implications involving business start-ups, new business arrangements and cross-border transactions

  • Assisting with dispute resolutions

  • Reviewing and advising on internal controls for GST reporting

  • Reviewing and advising on accounting system logic for GST coding

For issues to consider before register as GST entity, please refer to Should I registered GST for my Company? for the guidance.

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