Human Resource Outsourcing Services 

PACC offers HR outsourcing services to streamline and standardize the HR processes that will, in turn, increase the company’s operational efficiency and effectiveness. We understand the urgency and the needs of maintaining an efficient and productive workplace. While outsourced HR functions increase efficiency, the outsourcing arrangement will help your company to dedicate more time to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your workforce. 

Human resource management plays an even more important role in an organisation where the function of human resource (“HR”) covers not only hiring process and employee benefit but also in increasing the people competitive advantages that are important for a company’s future. That said, it is not easy for small and medium-sized businesses to stay competitive in terms of people management. Many times, smaller organisations/companies have limited budgets to staff an HR department, let alone to develop the HR department. Instead, many companies opt to outsource HR’s function as the way to get the most benefit from the outsourced arrangements (Human Resource HR Outsourcing Services in Singapore) in terms of efficiency, savings, and service quality.

Outsourced HR functions usually cover a slew of different for specific activities, ranging from payroll management to employee benefits administration. Today, HR outsourcing services plays a bigger and broader role in the operations and strategic plans for many companies. In fact, HR outsourcing services should not be regarded as the stand-alone project or outsourced arrangement but an important element of HR process transformation and optimization.

Why Outsource the HR Function?

As mentioned, an outsourced arrangement is always related to the cost-saving initiative. Many small and medium-sized businesses opt to outsource their HR services rather than getting in-house HR personnel because they can easily avoid overhead costs and save up operational expenses.

Outsourced HR function leads to increased efficiency with streamlined processes. As such, companies with outsourced HR services will usually get more time to focus on revenue and other important business activities.


HR Outsourcing of PACC Minimal 

We offers HR outsourcing services to streamline and standardize the HR processes that will, in turn, increase the company’s operational efficiency and effectiveness.

To ensure a smoother and effective outsourced service arrangement, we will help clients to:

  1. Develop a comprehensive HR outsourcing plan;

  2. Establish an effective outsourcing governance framework with a set of clearly defined roles and responsibilities and methods for dispute resolution;

  3. Design the evaluation mechanism to gauge performance of the outsourced activities.

Our HR specialists provide expertise and hands-on experience in a wide range of HR matters including:

  1. Talent management (hiring and retention)

  2. Payroll outsourcing

  3. Leave administration

  4. Employee compensation and benefits

  5. Training & Development

  6. Company’s Employee Handbook

  7. Employment Contracts

  8. HR Grants Consulting Services

  9. HR Performance Management Services

  10. Payroll Cloud Software

  11. Assistance on Employee Grievance Handling

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