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Accounting | Bookkeeping Services in Singapore

All Singapore companies must keep proper books of accounts as regulated by the Companies Act. Put your accounting and bookkeeping in trusted hands and free up your time for more strategic plan to grow your business!

Stay on top of your accounting obligations

Protect your business reputation

Maintaining your day-to-day accounting needs is a nightmare. You may struggle with a lot of accounting matters such as delays, overcharges, or poor qualities. With our wide range of accounting and bookkeeping services, there's a best-fit solution for you. Say goodbye to terrible accounting pains and get a deeper insight or sound and efficient business decision and proactive financial management with us.

Affordable & flexible accounting services

We will learn and understand your business’ accounting needs. And you can choose to have your accounts maintained at your office or ours. After all, we will take care of your company's compliance with IRAS and ACRA by preparing your unaudited financial statements, balance sheet, etc.

Office Desk

Bookkeeping made easy and convenient

You got a dedicated bookkeeper who knows your business and books. Send us the documents and your company's day-to-day maintenance services and expense claims will be covered.

Female Accountant

How to get started

We will need to have some information about your companies to advise you further. Kindly email us the listed information below to

Accounting Documents
Newly setup company
  • The Company name

  • Business nature

  • Financial year-end

  • Any schedule is prepared to monitor the sales made by the Company

  • Any schedule is prepared to monitor the purchases incurred by the Company

  • Any private use of the bank account

  • How many pages of the bank statement per month

  • Expected monthly revenue and number of sales transactions.

  • Expected number of transactions for expenses and purchases incurred during the financial year

  • GST registered or not

  • Any other special item like hire purchase, the loan is obtained

  • Any investment made during the financial period

  • Currency involved in sales and purchase (Type of foreign currency)

  • Number of bank accounts

  • Number of debtors

  • Number of creditors

  • Frequency of preparation of accounts – Monthly basis, Quarterly basis, Half-yearly basis, or Annual basis

  • Do you expect the Company to have a significant inventory balance as at year-end and any checking is required for the inventory movement during the financial year

  • Does your Company has any internal accounting software and do you need our accountant to perform on-site

  • Does the account need to be audited?

  • The total number of staff.

  • Any Existing Accounting Personnel? What are their roles?

Existing company
  • Last year financial statement with detailed income statement

  • Latest management account (Balance sheet and income statement)

  • Last set of the bank reconciliation

  • Last GST Return Filed

  • Last year Accounting Fee Paid

  • Last year Audit Fee

  • Last year Tax Fee

  • Last year Corporate Secretarial Fee

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