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Business Continuity Advisory and Planning

The rapidly changing world with more uncertainties brings businesses to increasing challenges. The need for an effective is so obvious to resume, recover and restore your business quickly in case of disastrous events. Let us help you well prepare a comprehensive BCP solution with the end-to-end process from program assessment, implementation, testing, maintenance to training.




The current state and risk assessment

Business impact analysis



Develop strategies, build procedures and document roles, responsibilities and actions of staff



Acquire resources, implement systems, testing and training



Continuous improvement/quality assurance

Our BCP solutions

  • BCP program assessment

  • Business impact analysis and interruption risk assessment

  • Recovery plan creation and resiliency improvement

  • BCP program exercising, training, and maintenance

  • BCP technology enablement and integration

  • Crisis management program creation

  • IT disaster recovery


Talk to us today for your ideal Business Continuity Plan

Important Business Continuity Plan (BCP) elements

Business Plan
Risk assessment and business impact analysis
Business continuity strategies and solutions
Responsibilities of directors and the senior management
Testing and exercise

Recover fast, minimise business disruptions

In the event of a crisis, businesses must effectively cope with the damages and recover the service timely. And that's when BCP needs to work well. BCP identifies the key products/services, top prioritized activities, strategies, and frameworks that will help your business operations recover effectively. We understand the needs for BCP from different business nature and are able to provide flexible BCP service offerings.

Our BCP steps
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