Financial Due Diligence

Any party associated with the upcoming mergers or acquisitions must conduct a preliminary identification over the risks and opportunities of a business involved. Financial Due Diligence service is a right tool to guide all affected parties to a better understanding about the strengths and weakness of their positions in a future deal so they can accurately structure their strategic transactions and consider predicaments that may appear due to the transactions.

Financial and Tax Due Diligence and Transaction Support
Buyers, lenders and sellers involved in mergers or acquisitions must identify the risks and the opportunities associated with a business under consideration. Conducting effective financial and tax due diligence can help buyers and lenders structure strategic transactions and avoid costly mistakes. It can also help sellers better understand the strengths and weaknesses of their positions pursuant to a deal.

PACC Minimal provides financial and tax due diligence and transaction support services to buyers, lenders and sellers in a variety of transactional situations. We assist strategic and financial buyers focused on historic and projected financial performance, developing a more complete picture of the financial realities of a target business by reviewing the quality of earnings, conducting integration assessments and assessing the purchase price. Our professionals assess the earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) commonly used for pricing purposes, and identify the risks related to corporate governance, financial reporting and the accounting environment.

The requirements for financial and tax due diligence may vary considerably depending on the size and complexity of the target, the knowledge of the target’s vendor or its industry sector, and on the size of the transaction in terms of value. Importantly, financial and tax due diligence does not constitute an audit and the extent of verification of information will depend on the requirements of the vendor and the scope of engagement.

We are more than happy to further discuss the scope of our financial and tax due diligence services with your board.

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