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Forensic Investigation Services

Your business integrity is definitely the priority. To minimize and manage reputational together with regulatory and financial risk for your business, our well-trained forensic professionals and technology experts will be able to bring you accurate and quick insights by analyzing your data, evaluating your documentation, conducting interviews and reporting findings in detail.

Areas to be focused on in forensic investigations

Corporate intelligence

  • Integrity due diligence

  • Investigation support

  • Litigation support

Dispute advisory services


  • Expert witness services

  • International dispute resolution

  • Business and share valuations

  • Forensic transaction services

  • Alternative dispute resolution

  • Competition issues

  • Evidence and disclosure management

Forensic technology

  • Digital Evidence Recovery

  • Evidence & Discovery Management

  • Cyber Crime Investigations

  • Data Analytics

Fraud risk management


Investigate suspected fraud, bribery, corruption and money laundering

Global investigation

Coordinated global strategy and consistent approach for performing investigation services

Intellectual property and contract governance

  • Conduct compliance inspections

  • Contract compliance investigations

  • License management and contract compliance

  • Provide strategic IP advice

Regulatory compliance
  • Anti-Money laundering services

  • Anti-Bribery & corruption services

Cyber security


Prepare and provide ongoing protection in the event of a security or data breach

Computer Programming

Our team has not only forensic capability but also in-depth advisory services to support and protect the organisation’s value. You can leverage our collective investigative experience to find the truth, gather useful evidence and complete projects on time. Get in touch with us today for more information!


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