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GST Assisted Self-help Kit (ASK) Review

As a comprehensive self-assessment compliance package, ASK is a compliance initiative from IRAS to eliminate errors in GST reporting. Our accredited tax professionals can help you practice GST ASK Review annually and ensure your GST compliance and fulfill other requirements effortlessly.

Benefits of adopting ASK Review

  • Understand GST requirements on filing and record-keeping

  • Review accuracy of GST submissions

  • Reduce risk of incurring penalties on common errors made by GST-registered businesses

  • Discover past GST errors early for timely disclosure to IRAS to enjoy zero or reduced penalties under  IRAS' Voluntary Disclosure Programme

  • Enjoy administrative concessions for common errors disclosed through the course of ASK Annual Review

  • Fulfil requirement for application or renewal of GST schemes

Who are required to perform ASK Review?

GST-registered businesses may adopt ASK on a voluntary basis. However, conducting ASK is compulsory when you are applying for or renewing these GST Schemes.

  1.   Import GST Deferment Scheme (IGDS);

  2.   Approved Marine Customer Scheme (AMCS);

  3.   Approved Contract Manufacturer and Trader (ACMT) Scheme;

  4.   Approved Refiner and Consolidator Scheme (ARCS);

  5.   Major Exporter Scheme (MES);  

  6.   Approved Import GST Suspension Scheme (AISS); or

  7.   Approved Third Party Logistics (3PL) Company Scheme.


How we can help you


With our years of experience working with different businesses from wide range of industries, we can apply good practices and work with you at all stages of the ASK process as below:

  • Review your business processes and recommend areas where you can improve on to enhance your entities’ GST compliance level

  • Support you in performing a review of your GST declarations using IRAS pre-filing checklist

  • Support you in performing the ASK review of your past GST returns

  • Support you in performing the ASK review to facilitate your various GST scheme applications

Feel free to reach us for further information

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