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Human Resource Outsourcing Services 

It's always big challenge HR managers are facing is to complete tedious HR tasks, manage existing HR operations and optimize workforce efficiency and productivity together. Let us help you streamline and standardize the HR processes so that you can focus on a more meaningful HR strategy to build a strong human foundation to grow your business.

Why outsource the HR functions?

Cost savings

Maintaining a full HR team in-house requires a significant amount of resources. Outsourcing part of your HR functions not only improves your workforce efficiency but also maximizes the power of a fully dedicated team with strong HR expertise at a fraction of the in-house price.

Time savings

Free up tons of valuable time wasted on paperwork and many other routine tasks for your HR to focus on more meaningful strategic responsibilities.

Risk management

Keeping up with changes in regulations will be a pain and slow you down. Getting the experts to take care of your HR compliance part and protect your employees will give you peace of mind to manage your core business better.

How we can help you

Develop a comprehensive HR outsourcing plan

Financial Report

Establish an
effective outsourcing governance framework

Making Notes

 Design the evaluation mechanism to gauge the performance of the outsourced activities

Our services cover a wide spectrum of HR functions


Talent management
(hiring & retention)


Payroll outsourcing


Leave administration


Employee compensation and benefits


Training & Development


Company’s employee handbook


Employment Contracts


HR grants consulting services


HR performance management services


Payroll cloud software


Assistance on employee grievance handling

Contact us today and plan how to strengthen your HR processes and grow a sustainable business!




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