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Human Resources Recruitment Service

Whether you are recruiting contract staff, full-time staff, part-time staff or flexible work staff, our Singapore human resources experts with specialist market knowledge will be able to take all of your requirements and preferences into account and find you the very best-suited candidates. Attracting the best talent at the appropriate remuneration is totally possible!

Hire fast, hire better

Recruitment process is usually time-consuming and costly when scanning through tons of CVs, dealing with a lot of candidates, conducting several interview sessions and rounds. Sometimes it is still hard to make a decision after all. Why not leave it to the professional? Our experts can identify, shortlist and target the right talents for your business on time. Making the right decision is much easier for you!


Types of staffing​ we can help you out

Executive Search

Highly qualified candidates for senior-level and executive

(mid to top management personnel or specialized personnel)

Permanent Staffing

Talents range from entry to

mid-management level

Contract Staffing

Manpower for assignments or project works within a period of commitment

Temporary / Flexible Staffing

Monthly-rated or hourly-rated manpower with suitable skills

for your business needs


Save time, save money and hire right

Successful recruitment needs deep local manpower's knowledge and tested and proven recruitment process. We understand your HR recruitment's pains and love to assist you in finding the most suited talents to contribute into your team's success and your company's growth. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information!

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