Valuation Service

With proud, our professionals coming from a wide range of backgrounds are capable of tackling the barriers of time, currency, language, and culture to serve clients of varying businesses and competencies. Their proven expertise and experience, as well as excellent track records, are more than sufficient to adaptively work personally with you, either a seller or a buyer, in varying situations. You can engage with our Valuation Service anytime you need high-grade services to provide a guide to the value of your company or other assets.

PACC Minimal's Valuation Services professionals are drawn from a multitude of backgrounds and are able to navigate the barriers of time, language, currency and culture to serve our clients.
The purpose of the valuation is to provide a guide to the value of a company of which you are either a seller or a buyer.

Valuation Methodology
To arrive at our assessed value, we will consider three generally accepted approaches, namely:

  • Market Approach

  • Cost Approach

  • Income Approach

The Market Approach considers prices recently paid for similar assets, with adjustments made to market prices to reflect comparative condition and utility of the appraised assets relative to the market. Assets for which there is an established secondary market may be valued by this approach.

The Cost Approach considers the cost to reproduce or replace in new condition the appraised assets in accordance with current market prices for similar assets, with allowance for accrued depreciation or obsolescence, whether arising from physical, functional or economic causes. The Cost Approach generally provides the most reliable indication of value for assets without a known secondary market.

The Income Approach is the conversion of expected periodic benefits of ownership into an indication of value. It is based on the principle that an informed buyer would pay no more for the project than an amount equal to the present value of anticipated future benefits (income) from the same or a substantially similar project with a similar risk profile.

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