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Business Valuation Service

Every business or asset is unique and it is pretty complicated for business owners to optimise the value of a business. With our extensive range of business valuation services (for the entire business or the ownership interest in the business or asset-based), you definitely will have a best fit solution no matter stage your business is in.

We provide an accurate valuation you need


When it comes to business evaluation need, business owners usually have a plan to sell the business or part of it, some have other reasons such as restructuring, taxation purposes, etc. Business owners need a fair process and in-depth knowledge and experience in dealing with barriers of time, currency, language, and culture from the business valuation service provider. We totally understand your concerns and will be able to deliver the expected solution on time on target. Talk to us today for more information!

Financial Report

Top 5 reasons
a business need the valuation service

Mergers and Acquisitions
Corporate Restructuring
Taxation Purposes
Financial Reporting
Signing Papers

Our evaluation methods


To ensure accurate and fair valuation, we are using the main valuation methods and valuation analysis which are used by most experienced industry practitioners.

Business Meeting
Market Approach

This approach establishes your business evaluation based on similar businesses sold in the market. Adjustments will be made to market prices to reflect the comparative conditions and utility of the appraised assets. This approach works best only if the business has enough market data on its competitors.

Cost Approach


The cost (or asset-based) approach derives value from the combined fair market value (FMV) of the business’s net assets. Using this method, the company is viewed as a set of assets and liabilities. It is useful when valuing holding companies, asset-intensive companies and distressed entities.

Income Approach

When reliable market data is not easy to find, the income approach will be used. The experts will convert future expected economic benefits or future cash flows into a present value. Based on the ability to generate future economic benefits to value a business, this method is suitable for established and profitable businesses.

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